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Integrate blogspot blogger blog with Dot TK free domain

Blogspot or Blogger is a blog service from Google. This service provides us many functions to make a small website as creating a blog, posting, commenting, . . . But there is a thing which might cause you dissatisfy. That's the blog address is too long, like If you own a short Dot TK domain, then your problems will be solved.

  • Sign-in to your Dot TK domain panel. Choose to modify your registed domain (regist new here)

  • On the Domain settings panel, you have 2 choices to shorten your blog address:

    • Use Domain forwarding: just fill your current blog address into Your referer URL textbox > Save changes. But with this option, your guests can't bookmark a specified page in your blog because it will be hidden.

    • Use Dot TK DNS Service: This option will allow everyone  who visit your blog can bookmark any specified page. But your setup has some difficulty:

      • Step 1: modify Dot TK DNS settings

        • Add A Record: fill Host Name: (not have WWW) and IP address: Similar with,,

        • Add CNAME Record:  fill Host Name: (has WWW) and IP address:

        • Save changes

      • Step 2: Go to blogger, choose your blog Settings > Basic > Publishing > Blog address:

        • Choose Add a custom domain

        • Swicth to advanced settings

        • Enter your Dot TK domain > Save

        • Then Edit to redirect to > Save

      • Wait 10 - 20 minutes for this config affect

  • Now you can publish your blog with a short domain.

Wish succeed!


  1. Today, DNS integration between Dot.TK and Blogger is inactive. :(
    So, to keep your blog is visible in this time, you should go to your blog Settings > Basic > Publishing: delete custom domain with Dot.TK. Then, let's browse your blog with * address. :)

  2. Let's return to DNS integration.
    It's working now. \m/

  3. Because some ISPs in some countries deny access to Blogger/Wordpress blog by domain filter, some users or guests on the world can't easily browse to that blog. :|
    So, we, Blogger or any blogger service user, should integrate our blog with a domain (eg: Dot.TK) using DNS service. Then our blog is published to the world.
    I dit it! :D

  4. Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kwnoledge.

  5. Great insight. Reilveed I'm on the same side as you.


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