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Change IDE mode to SATA/AHCI mode on Windows 7

When you installed Windows 7 on your disk with IDE mode, your computer might lost some advantages of SATA/AHCI mode. Then, you may want to enable SATA/AHCI mode for your disk. But simply changing your disk mode settings in BIOS setup is not enough. This will cause your system automatically restarting. Below tip may be help you.

Display Google Adsense unit insite Blogger post

When you registered successfully  an Google Adsense account, you can start to publish the ads inside your blog/website easily. Just click New ad unit > modify settings > Save and Get code, then paste the code into every where you want the ads be displayed on, also is your post body. But with Blogger blog, do you know how to do that?

Create a Mac OS X installation USB for MBR hard disk in Windows

When you boot from a Mac OS X installation retail disk, you must format your Master Boot Record (MBR) hard disk to Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) type to begin installing. This destroys all exist data (as a Windows OS, documents) It's inconvenient. We have a way to avoid this.

Disable DataGridView control automatically generate columns

In WinForm programming, when you use a DataGridView to display your data from a data source, you might see a problem: You've only specified the columns which should be display. But the gridview isn't only display that columns but also display others.

MobaLiveCD: Test your bootable CD/USB on Windows

When you copy or create a bootable CD/USB or a bootable ISO image, you usually restart your system to boot and test it or create a virtual machine to attach and test it. But that jobs sometimes take more time. There is a software which can save your time: MobaLiveCD .

Boot from USB disk on Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine

VM VirtualBox is Oracle's virtual machine software. In the complete installation virtual machine, you can attach and use any USB form host computer. But when you want to boot the guest virtual machine from a bootable USB, the attachment isn't useful. Then you can try this tip:

Embed/Insert pictures slideshow from Picasa Web Albums to your website/blog

Picasa Web Album is a Google service. It support you to upload and share your pictures. It's simple to share any picture in your album by the link. But when you want to display slideshow of your albums in any blog/website to everyone can see it directly, what to do? Simple step here:

Access with Google DNS and hosts file

Facebook is now the most popular social network. You have many friends and many informations which need to be check on it. But a day, you can't access Facebook or can't post an image. You can resolve this problem by simple steps: