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Integrate Facebook comment form into your website/blog

When you create a website/blog base on any template or CMS (content management system), the comment function is usually available for everyone visit the site. But that comments are only published on your site, your informations won't be known more than. To improve your site's popularity, you can use Facebook comment social plugin.

Integrate blogspot blogger blog with Dot TK free domain

Blogspot or Blogger is a blog service from Google. This service provides us many functions to make a small website as creating a blog, posting, commenting, . . . But there is a thing which might cause you dissatisfy. That's the blog address is too long, like . If you own a short Dot TK domain , then your problems will be solved.

Clean "Open with" program list of your files

In Windows Explorer, when you want to open your files with a specify program instead of default program, Windows some times suggests you many programs which some of them is  useless. It's uncomfortable! To resolve this problem, you just make some edit in the registry.

Display programming code in your blog/website

When you make some programming code in any IDE (Integrated Development Environment), they are formatted to be read easily. But when you post them on a blog/website, everyone only see them in plain text formatting. It's inconvenient. SyntaxHighlighter , a JavaScript module, will help you to solve this problem.

Boot ISO file with USB

If your PC don't have a CD/DVD drive (as netbook) or you don't want to buy or write a bootable CD/DVD, you can't boot to your operation system installer or recovery software. Then, an ISO image of that bootable disks and an USB maybe useful for that.

Recovery record: Protect and repair WinRAR archive from error

WinRAR is one of most popular file types which are used to sharing in internet. It helps decrease file size and increase upload/download speed. But the WinRAR files may have error through uploading/downloading process. This problem will trouble to the uploader/downloader. Instead of re-uploading/re-downloading the files, WinRAR recovery record will help you to prevent this problem.

Dot TK - Free Domains

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, since 2001 . Dot TK provides you free domains with many utilities as other domain extensions.

Install Android .APK file on Windows with Android Virtual Device

APK is Android application package file which you use to install Android application to your mobile. But when you want to test the application on Windows, this tip maybe useful for you.

Save and restore Android activity state

In Andoird development, you can save and restore an activity state with  SharedPreferences . Here is sample:

How to override/implement a method from super/parent class in Eclipse

With Eclipse SDK, you can override/implement a method from super/parent class easily.