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Create Wordpress page template

When creating a new page in Wordpress, we usually have a choice for the page template. It's call Default template . However, we sometimes need to make a new page with a new appearance. Then another page template is needed. Instead of downloading a shared page template from internet, we can create a new page template by below instructions.

Download Picasa Web Albums photos

We've known that Google Picasa Web Albums is among of best online photo services. It provides our many useful services as 1GB photo storage, upload and edit photos, embed and share albums , integrate with Google+, etc. However, many people usually feel inconvenient because they don't see anything about download albums on it.

dbForge SQL Complete: Auto completion on MS SQL Server 2005

When coding on MS SQL Server Management Studio, if your management version is 2008 or later, you have auto completion function. But working on MS SQL Server Management Studio 2005 or earlier, you must code without that function. dbForge SQL Complete can help you.

Insert Google Search box into blog/website

Normally, every  blog/website has a search function which supports everyone to easily browse the site contents. But it maybe not really useful and effective. Then Google Custom Search is a brilliant choice for you. How to get it?