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Solve error code 535 when send email using Gmail SMTP server

Gmail has SMTP server at which you can use to send email in your website application. However, although you have complete configuration on your web, you may get below error:  Expected response code 250 but got code "535", with message "535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at 535 5.7.8 n8sm18107231yhn.10 - gsmtp" Here is some steps which help you solve error code 535:

Get and use temporary email address (at

On the Internet, when you want to view an info or download a file, you often will been required to input an email address to do that. However, you may be in spam email list in the future. So that, use a temporary email address is a smart selection to prevent spam and others. You can easily get and use a free temp email at

Auto play Youtube videos on your blog/website

When you have watched a great video on Youtube, you might want to share it on your blog/website so that your friends can enjoy it. Then, you will get code and embed the video on your web. However, people must click play button to watch it. Have away to make the Youtube video auto play when people visit your webpage.

Insert Facebook comment form into Discuz forum

Discuz is one of popular forum content management systems (CMS). If you want to allow Facebook users can comment on your forum, finding an add-on to embed Facebook social plugin into Discuz is difficult. Here we guide you away to do that by modifying Discuz code.

Recommend dimensions for Facebook profile picture and cover photo

When you create your Facebook account or new Facebook page, you should choose two photos to set profile picture and cover photo for it. However, to have a beautiful Facebook timeline, you will need choose photos beyond on this recommend dimensions:

HTML colors codes

When you design a website, you will know about HTML colors code. Website use RGB (Red Green Blue) color. You need code of the color to use it on your website. Here we made a list of HTM colors codes so that you can look up your wanted color.

Set static homepage for Google blogger blog (blogspot)

Blogger  always shows your latest posts on homepage when users visit your blog homepage. Some bloggers want to change their blogger to static page. Now we guide you some simple steps to do that.

Free auto share to social networks (with Onlywire)

When you have news or updates, you want to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networks. Usually, you manually share them to one by one. It takes of you much time. Now we help you to automatically share them up to 50 social networks at the same time with simple clicks by Onlywire free service. Here is step by step:

Create shutdown shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop

In Microsoft Windows 8, you will not see Shutdown button when click on Start button. You can create a Shutdown shortcut on Desktop to shutdown Windows 8 faster. Here we show how to Create shutdown shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop.

Turn off AutoPlay on Windows

On Windows, when you insert an USB or a CD/DVD into your computer, they are usually opened automatically. So the computer maybe infected autorun virus. To avoid that, you should turn off AutoPlay function.

Get online video stream URL

Many websites support you watch online video/live TV on the Internet. If you want to play that videos by media player or want to embed them into your blog/website , you will need their stream URL. Now we have some methods to get online video stream URL.