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How to recover the disappeared Word shortcut on Windows Start Menu?

Hi Microsoft Office users! A beautiful day, you want to create a word document but can't find Word shortcut on Computer Start button. Here we show how to recover it. Word shortcut on Windows Start Menu Open Apps settings (click Start > Settings > Apps) Find Microsoft Office > click Modify > Repair Repair Microsoft Office Note: you can also use this for Excel, PowerPoint... on Windows 10, Windows 11 and more...

How to Disable Dual Messenger on Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Dual Messenger is an feature on Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Which allow you have more than one messenger app of one type on your phone. Example: Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp... However, sometimes you don't want this feature because some reason. Here is how! Disable Dual Messenger on Samsung Galaxy Connect your phone with your computer by USB cable Open Command Promt on computer Run " adb devices" to show the list connected devices Run "adb -s YOUR_DEVICES_ID shell" to select your devices Run "pm disable-user --user 0" to disable Dual Messenger on your devices Run command promt