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Recovery record: Protect and repair WinRAR archive from error

WinRAR is one of most popular file types which are used to sharing in internet. It helps decrease file size and increase upload/download speed. But the WinRAR files may have error through uploading/downloading process. This problem will trouble to the uploader/downloader. Instead of re-uploading/re-downloading the files, WinRAR recovery record will help you to prevent this problem.

Always share the RAR files with recovery record:

  • Open WinRAR in your application, choose Options > Setting from menu or use hot keys Ctrl + S to open WinRAR settings

  • In settings dialog, choose tab Compression > choose RAR type and check Put recovery record from Archiving options.

  • Then, you only need right-click to your file and choose Add to *.RAR. Your RAR files will be protect from error.

When you downloaded a RAR files and saw the error dialog in extracting, if the RAR files has a recovery record, you can recovery them easily:

  • Open the RAR files with WinRAR, choose Tools > Repair archive from menu or use hot keys Alt + R to launch repair function

  • In repair dialog, choose save dir and archive type. Then OK to complete. WinRAR will create for you the repaired archive.

With success!


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