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Create a Mac OS X installation USB for MBR hard disk in Windows

When you boot from a Mac OS X installation retail disk, you must format your Master Boot Record (MBR) hard disk to Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) type to begin installing. This destroys all exist data (as a Windows OS, documents) It's inconvenient. We have a way to avoid this.


  • A Mac OS X installation retail disk image file (DMG or ISO)

  • OS install framework: go to OSX86 forum and search for "OSInstall". Choose to download an OS install framework for your Mac OS X installation version. The downloaded file should is Rar/Zip type and contains 2 file: OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg

  • An empty USB has capability more than the Mac OS X installation retail disk image size

  • An installation of Transmac software: to work with Mac file system. Download Transmac 15 day trial here. (Don't worry! You need it only about an hour to work.)

How to work:

  • Open Transmac, choose File > Open Disk Image and browse to open your prepared disk image file. Then right click the image file left panel. Then:


    • If the image file is compressed, you will see Expand operation. You must choose it to save the image file to a new uncompressed image file. It's take about 15 - 20 minutes depend on your image file size.

    • If not, you will see Compress operation. Fine! Just ignore it and go to next step.

  • On Transmac, right click your USB. Choose Format Disk > Format With Disk Image. Then browse to choose the uncompressed disk image file. Wait about an hour for formatting USB and transferring the installation files to it.


  • When previous step is completed, patch the installation to install Mac OS X into MBR hard disk. On Transmac, click on your USB:

    • Browse to HFS+ Volume > System > Installation > Packages. Find OSInstall.mpkg file, rename it to OSInstall.mpkg.bak (for backup reason). Copy the downloaded OSInstall.mpkg file to this directory on Transmac.


    • Browse to  HFS+ Volume > System > Library > PrivateFramework > Install.Framework > Frameworks > OSInstall.framework > Versions > A. Find OSInstall file, also do same as OSInstall.mpkg file. Backup and replace it with the one you downloaded.

Alright! Now you have a Mac OS X installation USB which supports MBR hard disk.

Wish succeed!


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