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MobaLiveCD: Test your bootable CD/USB on Windows

When you copy or create a bootable CD/USB or a bootable ISO image, you usually restart your system to boot and test it or create a virtual machine to attach and test it. But that jobs sometimes take more time. There is a software which can save your time: MobaLiveCD.

MobaLiveCD is a Mobatek freeware which allow you to boot from a bootable CD/USB/ISO file without needing to restart your system.

Download MobaLiveCD on homepage or version 2.1 mirror here.

  • Install MobaLiveCD's right-clic association: allow to run ISO image file without needing to open MobaLiveCD first

  • Start directly a CD-ROM ISO image file: select an bootable ISO image file to run

  • Or Start directly from a bootable USB device: select a bootable CD/USB to run

  • Create a hard disk image for virtual machine: to reuse your data on virtual machine create by MobaLiveCD.

Demo run Hiren's Boot CD 15.1:

Wish succeed!


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