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dbForge SQL Complete: Auto completion on MS SQL Server 2005

When coding on MS SQL Server Management Studio, if your management version is 2008 or later, you have auto completion function. But working on MS SQL Server Management Studio 2005 or earlier, you must code without that function. dbForge SQL Complete can help you.


  • Code completion: provide available keywords, object names, code fragments

  • Statement expansion: expands full code templates for every statements (SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE)

  • SQL snippets: dropdown promt list which contains availabe code template for you

  • SQL formatter: take care of the formatting text for you

  • Quick object infomation: display an information box when hover on an object

  • Code navigation: support go to object's definition on text editor

  • Also support Microsoft Visual Studio

How to use:

  • Download dbForge SQL Complete free here > Choose Express version

  • Install it normally

  • And try it

Wish succeed!


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