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Create shutdown shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop

In Microsoft Windows 8, you will not see Shutdown button when click on Start button. You can create a Shutdown shortcut on Desktop to shutdown Windows 8 faster. Here we show how to Create shutdown shortcut on Windows 8 Desktop.

01. Right click on your Desktop and choose New > Shortcut
02. Input shutdown.exe -p in location field. Then click Next
03. Input name of shortcut. Example: Shutdown. Then click Finish
04. Right click on created shortcut, choose Properties
05. Click Change Icon to change icon for your shortcut
06. Click OK if you see Warning dialog.
07. In change icon dialog, choose an icon which you want. Then click OK
08. Input comment to show description of your shortcut. Example: Double click to shutdown computer. Then click OK
09. Now you have completely created shutdown shortcut. Just Double click on it to shutdown your computer.
That's all. 
Wish succeed!
Video version here:


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