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Free auto share to social networks (with Onlywire)

When you have news or updates, you want to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networks. Usually, you manually share them to one by one. It takes of you much time. Now we help you to automatically share them up to 50 social networks at the same time with simple clicks by Onlywire free service.
Here is step by step:

01. Go to here and click Sign up for FREE

02. Input informtion for new account and click Create Account. Then check your email to confirm your registration.

03. When you account have activated, sign in Onlywire and click Networks to manage your social networks accounts.

04. Click Add new to add your social network account to Onlywire.

05. Example: click Add new login to add Facebook account

06. Input description for your account. Then click Activate

07. You will be redirected to Facebook login. Input username and password to login.

08. Now you have added your Facebook account to Onlywire successfully.

09. If you want to add your Facebook Pages, input Account Description and click Activate.

10. You also need log in again to your Facebook account. After that, Onlywire will display your Facebook pages. Select them and click Save.

11. Now you have added your Facebook pages successfully. Similarly, with other social networks, you need do some steps to add them to Onlywire.

12. Now, start sharing posts to your social networks account. Click Posts to begin.

13. In post function, click Cick here to create a new post

14. Input your URL to share. Onlywire will automatically get title and description. Just click Share to share it. Note: you can select the networks you want to share to.

15. Onlywire also offers you a way to automatically share your blog/website RSS/Feed updates to your social networks. Click Automation to begin.

16. Click Add Feed

17. Input your Feed URL and click Add Feed & Continue

18. Choose some options: Select your networks (Post to all networks or Choose networks) and Choose to share  existing articles. Then click Save Feed.

That's all.
Wish succeed!
Video version here:


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